Safdie was inspired by Canadian architect Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67. Habitat 67 is a building in Montreal that features interlocking housing units and clear covered diagonal pathways between the buildings.

habitat-67-bn01                           habitat-67-plan-1

The jacket was first draped to mirror the interlocking nature of the buildings:


The  dress was then draped in the same fashion and then the draped patterns were transferred to pattern paper and trued.

The fabrics were sourced from Outdoor Retailer, the major trade show for the outdoor industry. The main portions of the jacket and dress were made from a performance cotton blend fabric and the contrast portions were made from heat and abrasion resistant Ceraspace fabric donated by Schoeller Textiles.

These textiles were chosen for their visual appeal and for their relation to Habitat 67. The diagonal lines of the Twill fabric and the clear texture on the Ceraspace fabric are inspired by the clear covered diagonal hallways that connect the units of Habitat 67 as seen in the image below right.


arch-fabric                         habitat-67-hallways

The final garment was accepted to the International Textile and Apparel Association Juried Design exhibit in New Orleans (2013) and SFSU’s Defined 2012 Fashion show.

arch-front          arch-back          arch-close-up-back