The Department of Defense is crowdsourcing! They have put a challenge out to the textile and design community to create a better bio-chemical suit. From the Facebook page:

The Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense (JPOE-CBD) of the Department of Defense Armed Forces is inviting the textile technology and innovation community to participate in the Proof: Department of Defense BioChemical Warfighter Protection Challenge for a chance to win part of up to $250,000! The current chemical biological suit’s burden, weight and bulkiness restrict the Warfighter’s agility, range of motion and maneuverability necessary to conduct their duties. We are seeking innovative ideas for solutions that will increase Warfighter mobility, dexterity and tactility, allowing the Warfighter to complete all relevant tasks (including running, climbing, etc.) in a fast and comfortable manner, without cognitive/physiological fatigue associated with the ensemble.

Read more about the challenge here, here, and here.